Vision & Roadmap


Our aspiration is simple - to offer a highly engaging and enjoyable trading experience for everyone. We're on a mission to turn Merkle Trade into the biggest decentralized hub for leveraged trading.

In crafting Merkle Trade, we're pouring our energy into five key cornerstones:

  • User-friendliness and Accessibility: We're committed to creating a trading experience that is most intuitive and inclusive. Whether you're a trading rookie or a seasoned expert, whether you have funds on Aptos or an EVM chain, we aim for Merkle Trade to be your go-to platform.

  • Advanced Trading Features: To ensure you're always ahead of the curve, we're integrating advanced trading features. This allows you to harness the full potential of leverage trading.

  • Social and Gamified Trading Experience: We believe trading doesn't have to be a solitary activity. Through our platform, we're incorporating an element of community and competition into the trading experience - making it social and gamified.

  • Uncompromising Security: Safety is our top priority. We're employing stringent security measures to protect users’ assets and data, so you can trade with peace of mind.

  • Decentralization: True to the ethos of blockchain, we're keeping Merkle Trade decentralized. This gives you full control over your assets and helps us to maintain transparency and fairness in all transactions.


Please note the roadmap is subject to change. Significant features that hold strategic importance might not be explicitly stated in the later quarters' plans.

Q3 2023

[DONE] Private Beta (Mainnet) Launch: All the early supporters and adopters will be whitelisted to engage in trading on Merkle trade. Private mainnet beta will have certain limitations such as collateral size, max PnL possible, etc. and will be run to test the robustness of the protocol in production and also gain valuable feedback from our community.

[DONE] Trading Contest v1: There will be a series of trading contests and they’re going to be something special. These competitions are set to redefine the game, offering an exciting blend of fierce competition, high entertainment, and generous rewards. Prepare to be amazed!

[DONE] Smart Contract Audits: The smart contracts get audited by two reputable auditors that have experience working with the Move language and Aptos projects. On top of that, a considerable bug bounty is planned to be announced after the audits.

Q4 2023

[DONE] Public Beta (Mainnet) Launch: The day X for the whole Merkle Trade community. Mainnet will be rolled out in several stages to ensure the security of our users and that everything works as expected.

[DONE] Social Trading Features - leaderboard, profile, etc: The first set of social trading features will be incorporated to make leverage trading even more engaging.

[DONE] One-click Trading (EVM wallets): Forget about spending time adjusting the trade, go long or short with max leverage if you want with just one-click. One of the most requested features by our community.

[DONE] In-app EVM Deposit / Withdraw: We will refine the overall onboarding process so users can effortlessly transfer their funds to the exchange and carry out seamless trading.

[DONE] Referral Program Launch: A referral/affiliate program will be released soon after the mainnet launch to foster the growth of the platform.

[DONE] New Trading Pairs: Mid-cap crypto pairs and indices will be added for trading on Merkle Trade.

[DONE] Gamification V2: Allowing people to open their loot boxes and utilise the items to boost trading experience.

Q1 2024

[DONE] One-click Trading (Aptos wallets): One-click and gasless trading experience are coming to Aptos wallet users.

[DONE] Trading Seasons and Incentives: There will be epoch-based trading incentives for the traders on Merkle Trade.

[DONE] Blazing-fast Order Executions: We will reduce the end-to-end order execution delay by half with improvements in execution transaction scheduling. (announcement)

[DONE] Merkle Gear Item Forging: Combining Merkle gear items together for improved attributes and enhanced trading performance. The further step into the gamifying experience on Merkle Trade. (announcement)

[DONE] New Trading Pairs: A variety of crypto pairs will be added for trading on a regular basis.

Q2 2024

Merkle Gears Marketplace: The in-app marketplace for selling/buying Merkle gear and other items.

Swap & Deposit, AA Multichain Deposit: Deposit improvements that will offer significantly easier onboarding experience.

Web2 Onboarding: Decentralized social login that eliminates the need for having a crypto wallet or any other tooling to interact with the network.

Dual Price Feed: Additional price feed will be integrated to provide redundancy and resiliency under any malfunction from one of the price feeds.

Risk Management Enhancements: Introducing Auto-deleveraging (ADL) mechanism to mitigate the tail risk for the LPs and offer reduced trading fees for traders.

TGE: The launch of the MKL token. Simultaneous launch on a number of DEXes and leading CEXes to ensure even and accessible distribution for different types of users.

Q3 2024

Copy Trading. Vault-based copy trading allowing for non-traders to join in on the fun, while seasoned traders leverage their skills for increased incentives.

Social Trading Profiles: Trading profiles through which we’ll allow traders to learn from each other and engage in friendly competition.

Mobile App: Native mobile app to provide seamless, on-the-go trading experiences with full functionality and real-time market access.

Multi-collateral LPs: Diversify collateral assets in LP to reduce the risk and maximize the optionality for traders.

Merkle Trade DAO & Governance: Launch of the Merkle Trade DAO as an entity overseeing the decision making process of the platform.

Q4 2024 and beyond

  • Constantly improve the product to offer the most entertaining and accessible trading experience in the market (competitive to centralized counterparts).

  • Introduce novel social and gamified trading features to enhance user engagement and foster a vibrant trading community.

  • Strengthen the risk management framework to offer safety for liquidity providers while providing the best experience for traders.

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