Referral Program

  1. Go to the ‘Profile’ page and click the ‘Referrals’ tab.

  2. Click the referral url to copy the url. Your link will look like this:

You can share your referral link over any social platform like X, Telegram, Reddit, etc.

You can track the trading activities and rebate history of those you've referred in the ‘Rebates History’ section, located at the bottom of the page.

Earning Fee Rebates

You earn a fee rebate whenever your referee executes a trade. This rebate is a percentage of the entry/exit fees and is credited in USDC. Rebates are claimable at any time from the referrals page.

The standard rebate rate starts at 5% of the entry/exit fees. This rate can go up to 10%, increasing linearly with your referees' trading volume, ranging from 1M to 5M, in each 2-week epoch (synced with Trading Seasons). Your rebate rate for the next epoch is determined by the total referee volume in the current epoch. For example, if the total referee volume in the current epoch is 3M, your rebate rate for the next epoch will be 7.5% (= 5% + 5% * (3M-1M)/(5M-1M)).

Note: Referee volume from forex pairs is counted at 20% of its actual value.

Affiliate Program

Influencers with a significant audience can join our Affiliate Program for special rebate rates ranging from 15% to 25%.

To become an affiliate, please fill out the form:

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