About Merkle Trade

Merkle Trade is a decentralized trading platform that offers crypto, forex and commodities trading with leverage up to 1,000x, along with simplified UX and gamified trading features.

Our aim is to offer a highly engaging and enjoyable trading experience for everyone. Unlike most of the perpetuals exchanges out there, we are dedicated to building the most inclusive and accessible trading venue, catered to traders of all experience levels, not just experienced traders or so-called whales. Ultimately, our end goal is to build Merkle Trade into the largest decentralized hub for leveraged trading.

Merkle Trade is built on the Aptos blockchain for its top-notch performance and scalability, and powered by LayerZero for asset bridging. Our price feeds are powered by Pyth Network, a decentralized price oracle network, to ensure fast order execution with accurate pricing.

Why Merkle Trade

📈 Best-in-class Decentralized Leveraged Trading

  • Trade crypto, forex, commodities with leverage up to 1,000x Merkle Trade aims to provide a wide range of pairs - crypto, forex and commodities right from the start, with some of the highest leverages on the market; up to 150x on crypto and up to 1000x on forex. In the future more pairs and assets are to be added for trading.

  • Fair price order execution with sub-second delay, minimal slippage Building on Aptos, the lowest-latency production blockchain to date, allows us to provide the fastest on-chain trading experience. For traders, this means more responsive trading experience and less price slippage thanks to minimal execution delays.

  • Decentralized, non-custodial trading without counter-party risk All trades and settlements are performed by the smart contract, there's no custody of user funds at any point.

  • Minimal fees Merkle Trade boasts some of the lowest fees on the market to date. The trading fees are as low as 0.05% for crypto pairs, and as low as 0.0075% for forex pairs. Learn more.

🚀 Gamified and Social Trading Experience

  • Level up system and In-game Items

    Advance through our level-up system by trading and completing missions. Each level-up unlocks exclusive items (NFTs) with randomized trading benefits and point boosts.

  • Daily trading missions

    Embark on daily trading missions and earn points. Daily missions vary from beginner to high-stakes, with rewards to match.

  • (TBD) Trading Competitions Enter our trading competitions to pit your skills against other traders and stand a chance to win significant prizes.

How It Works

  • Passive MM: Unlike most exchanges, there is no order book on Merkle Trade. Instead, the Merkle LP acts as the counter-party to every trade, as it receives the collateral when traders take loss and pays out the profit on the closed trades with positive PnL.

  • Synthetic Trading: Trades are always denominated and settled in USDC regardless of the asset being traded, allowing any asset with enough liquidity and a reliable price feed to be listed and traded on the protocol.

Team & Backers

The core contributors of Merkle Trade consist of renowned product builders and software engineers from the past decade, who have experience building some of the most successful consumer/mobile products, used by over 10 million users daily at companies like Amazon, Kakao, and Nexon.

Highlighted Team Members

  • Ye (twitter)

    Co-founder & Head Builder, full-stack dev (12 yrs), Serial entrepreneur with 2 successful exits.

  • Patrick (twitter) Co-founder & CTO, SC guru, software engineer (11 yrs), entered crypto in 2018 (BitBerry wallet), ACM ICPC winner.

  • YK (twitter) Business & Operations, prev. investor at Hashed, entered crypto since 2018.

  • Liam Head of Engineering, software engineer (13 yrs), building in crypto since 2018 (Klaytn), ACM ICPC winner.

  • Vit Head of Growth, Business Development, Partnerships, Web2 BA & Account Owner (10+ yrs).


Merkle Trade has successfully raised investment, co-led by Hashed and Arrington Capital, with participation from Morning Star Ventures, Amber Group, Aptos Labs, Dorahacks, and Re7 Capital.

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