Gamified Trading

Trading seasons, levels, items, loot boxes, missions, and much more.

Trading Seasons

Merkle Trade hosts two-week-long Trading Seasons every two weeks, featuring unique events, benefits, and rewards with varying themes. Sometimes, these seasons include collaborations with other projects, making the trading experience on Merkle Trade more enjoyable and distinctive.

Seasonal Trading Incentives

During each season, you can earn Points through trading. At the end of each season, these Points are converted into MKL. Points are awarded proportionally based on the volume of each trade and the fee rate for the trading pair, as outlined in the following formula:

Points earned = vol × avg fee ratepair× (item modifiers)×5Points\ earned\ =\ vol\ \times\ avg\ fee\ rate_{pair} \times\ (item\ modifiers) \times 5

Note that a predetermined amount of MKL is allocated for each season, decreasing with each new season. The conversion rate from Points to MKL is determined by the total number of Points accumulated during the season.

XP, Levels and Tiers

When trading on Merkle Trade, you earn XP points based on the trading fees you incur. XP is accrued with every trade, and once you accumulate enough points, you level up. Each time you level up, you receive a loot box.

Your account level determines your tier, ranging from Tier I to Tier V. As your tier increases, more XP is required to reach the next level.

To balance accessibility and competition, all levels undergo a soft reset (20% reduction) at the beginning of each trading season.

TierLevel rangeXP required to lvl upCumulative XP required


81 - ....



















Trading Missions & MP points

You can complete various trading missions while trading. Each mission has up to 5 levels based on the difficulty of the mission. Depending on the type of the mission and its difficulty, you get a certain amount of MP points.

  • Certain amount of MP points unlocks additional Loot boxes.

  • Missions and MP points are refreshed weekly on Tuesday 12am UTC

  • A total of 5 additional Loot Boxes can be acquired through completing missions each week.

Loot Boxes and Items

Every time you level up, you obtain a loot box corresponding to your level tier. Loot boxes may contain Merkle Gears and/or Shards.

There are currently five types of loot boxes, each corresponding to the level tier of your account: Common (Tier I), Uncommon (Tier II), Rare (Tier III), Epic (Tier IV), and Legendary (Tier V).

What's in the loot box?

  • Merkle Gears: Gears have beneficial effects that are activated when equipped. More details can be found in the following section.

  • Shards: Shards are an essential material that is required for Gear repairs and forging. Shards can also be obtained from salvaging (breaking) unnecessary Merkle Gears.

Merkle Gears

Merkle Gears are found in loot boxes, and can be equipped for enhanced trading benefits, more efficient Points farming, and accelerated leveling.

Gear Types and their Effects

Gears are classified into three distinct types, each providing a unique benefit to enhance your activities on Merkle Trade:

  • Mining Tools: Points earn boost +x%

  • Helmets: XP earn +x%

  • Suits: Trading Fee Discount by x%

Soulbound Items

All gears become soulbound (non-transferrable) once they're equipped by an account. Moreover, some items are already soulbound when they're minted, typically those created for special promotions.

Soulbound items are marked with an icon displayed on the item in the inventory.

Gear Management


Gears can be equipped and unequipped as needed. However, an item will become soulbound and lose 10 points of its durability when it's unequipped.

Durability and Repairs

Every item comes with a maximum durability of 100. When equipped, an item's durability decreases steadily at a rate of 100/21 points per day (21 days before it loses all its durability points). The item's effects become inactive when its durability reaches 0.

  • An item will lose 10 points of its durability when it's unequipped.

  • Items can be repaired with Shards.

  • Every item’s effects last for 6 seasons after that they become ineffective automatically.


Gears can be salvaged into Shards when no longer needed.

Refer to the table for details on the quantity of shards that can be salvaged from each gear tier:


Two gears can be forged to create a new gear. There is a 40% chance of obtaining an item one tier higher; otherwise, the new item will be of the same tier.

  • Only gears of the same tier can be forged.

  • The gear's durability must be at 100 when forging.

  • Forging gear requires Shards.

  • Forging a gear with another gear resets the expiration, giving the newly forged item a new lifespan of six seasons from the point of forging. (e.g. if during Season 6 you forge gear from season 1 and the other one from Season 2, you get a Season 6 gear item)

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