Q: How does Merkle Trade work?

A: Merkle Trade uses a passive market-making system without an order book, with the Merkle LP acting as the counter-party to every trade. Trades are always denominated and settled using a stable coin, allowing any asset with a reliable price feed to be listed and traded on the protocol.

Q. What is the OG role for?

A: Our goal is to create a thriving ecosystem and provide numerous opportunities for community participation. To achieve this, We will be introducing various OG roles that cater to different interests and abilities. We strive to make the process of acquiring high-grade OG roles both enjoyable and rewarding, ensuring a positive experience for all community members. By fostering an inclusive and engaging environment, we aim to strengthen product within the Aptos ecosystem and promote sustained growth. For more details please refer to the announcement.

Q. Is there tokenomics?

A: We realize the importance of tokenomics for our project and its community. That being said, tokenomics is currently WIP and will be shared once we’re happy with the final result.

Q: How did the team get Idea of 1000x leverage?

A: The Aptos blockchain's fast finality enables precise and accurate order execution at the desired price for users. This unique characteristic inspired the implementation of up to 1000x leverage on Merkle Trade.

Crypto assets can be leveraged up to 150x, while Forex assets can be leveraged up to 1000x. The 1000x leverage for Forex is introduced to offer a similar exposure experience as with crypto assets, which have a higher daily fluctuation range. On average, Forex assets have a daily fluctuation range of 0.72% to 0.98% (EUR, GBP, JPY), while crypto assets have a range of 5-7%.

Q: I found some bugs. Where should I report them?

A: Merkle Trade places great emphasis on user engagement and feedback at all times. As such, we highly value bug reports that help us improve the platform. If you encounter a bug, please kindly report it via this form.

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