Getting zUSDC on Aptos

This section only applies to the cases when you connect to the app with an Aptos wallet

zUSDC (aka lzUSDC or layer zero USDC) is the USDC coin bridged to Aptos by LayerZero and by far the most popular stable coin on the chain. Besides, zUSDC is the only asset that you can use as a collateral on Merkle Trade.

There are two ways you can obtain zUSDC on Aptos: 1️⃣ Using the Aptos Bridge to transfer your funds from EVM chains, and 2️⃣ Using CEX+DEX to avoid bridging.

Prerequisite: Aptos wallet address

You need to have a Aptos-compatible wallet installed and a Aptos wallet address that you’ll bridge your funds into.

1️⃣ Bridge USDC to Aptos from an EVM chain

Bridging USDC to Aptos takes 30 seconds to 3 minutes (differs by the source chain).

  1. Connect to LayerZero Aptos bridge Go to the LayerZero bridge at Click ‘Connect Wallet’, select your EVM wallet and sign the transaction to authorize the connection. Next step is to connect your Aptos wallet.

  2. Enter amount to transfer Enter the amount of USDC to be bridged to Aptos. In case you need a gas to top-up on Aptos, click ‘Add’ button next to the 'Gas on destination' label. Please note that the max amount of APT that can be received for gas is 1.

  3. Send bridge transaction In order to confirm and execute the bridging transaction, click the ‘Bridge Tokens’ button. Once the transaction is executed, LayerZero will process the transfer. This can also be tracked on the bridge UI.

  4. Receive USDC on Aptos Once bridging is complete, you will receive your USDC in your Aptos wallet. On Aptos the asset’s token symbol is zUSDC.

2️⃣ Using CEX+DEX to avoid bridging

Not everyone is a fan of bridging and for those is this method.

  1. Buy APT on one of the CEXs (e.g. Binance, Huobi, etc.)

  2. Withdraw your APT from the CEX to your Aptos wallet address.

  3. Go to (make sure the URL address is correct) connect your wallet and swap your APT for zUSDC. You are now ready to use Merkle Trade and open your first trade.

When you swap APT for zUSDC don’t forget to leave some APT in the wallet to be able to pay the fees.

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